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ee-油畫店-網上提供各式經濟價格的高質油畫:油畫印象風格 /油畫風景

 油畫-花 /油畫海景 /油畫抽象派 /油畫婚紗像 / 油畫肖像 /油畫框 /

 油畫複製 、水彩畫...按照客戶需要,訂製任何尺寸油畫、畫框 、藝術微噴。

   網上委託繪製油畫  油畫肖像油畫風景畫框寵物水彩畫  * 數碼噴繪*


We are artists, our Studio create fine high quality oil paintings for the European and USA market . We have over 15 years experience in create oil painting products field, We have different groups of artists specialize in various kinds of commercial paintings, high quality masterpiece reproduction and personal portrait, etc . 
We produce oil paintings in reproduction Oil Paintings - masterpiece Reproduction classic and modern . Covering all kind of subjects including landscape, still life, portraits, animals in classical, impressionists and contemporary style or paintings from photographs and desired motif supplied by customers as well . Our New Watercolors Studio ,Supplying various kinds of New Watercolors ,Watercolor painting Portraits, landscape, Towns And Villages , still life , Floral & Animal .....We can do all for you! We are a direct Studio, so that we can keep a best price for our customer!

Watercolor painting - Portraits , landscape, Towns And Villages , still life , Floral & Animal ....
   Contemporary Reproductions     Your Portrait Painting   / pets portraits
   Excellent quality painting on wood.    Commercial Oil Painting ~ newest

    latest range of paintings ~ newest series

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Impressionist style of Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir /impressionistic .abstract.
Still life / Landscape / Flower / Animal / Nude / adornment-Modern art /
Garden-Mediterranean / European street scenes-Towns  / street scene of Holland , Paris and Venice Seascape-Ships / Cartoon people-Playing kids 

   Old Master Reproductions      Commercial oil paintings 
   Oil Painting - Portrait of Females
                            - still things, flowers, fruits
     European scenery , snow scenic ,
                - Towns And Villages 

    Animal poultry/Impressionist/clown

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  中國畫家傅琪作品展    The  traditional Chinese painting introduction  and works appreciation .                人物畫, 仕女圖 , 山水畫 ,佛教繪畫系列