Commercial Oil Paintings

                          Subjects : landscape, flowers, seascape, still life, street an village scenes,    harbor boats, beach scenes, animal, clipper ships, abstract, etc.


All picture are genuine hand-painted paintings . Click on Images to enhance viewing.

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lan2.jpg (62303 個位元組) lan3.jpg (62639 個位元組)
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lan10.jpg (38991 個位元組) lan8.jpg (35570 個位元組) lan9.jpg (62326 個位元組)
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We have over 15 years experience in create oil painting products field, We have different groups of artists specialize in various kinds of commercial paintings, high quality masterpiece reproduction and personal portrait, etc ..
We can do all for you! We are a direct Studio, so that we can keep a best price for our customer! 

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