Economy Priced Oil Paintings - Old Master Reproductions of western style

All paintings are genuine hand-painted . Click on Images to enhance viewing.

is8.jpg (48394 個位元組)Subjects :  landscape, flowers, seascape, still life, street an village scenes, harbor boats, beach scenes, animals, clipper ships, abstract, etc.

Sometimes you find a wonderful picture or painting and you like to own it. We are here to make this come true.
Just take a picture of it and then email or send to us, and we will paint it for you.  

We will also remove any undesirable items in the picture that you like to remove. 

 Our prices are extraordinarily modest .    Address:
William Art Co. Hung Kwong Building ,12/F A2, 2A-2P Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


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m-10.jpg (39078 個位元組) m-11.jpg (46770 個位元組) m-12.jpg (50827 個位元組)
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mh4.jpg (45489 個位元組) mh5.jpg (40442 個位元組) mh6.jpg (56106 個位元組)
emh-4 emh-5 emh-6
mh7.jpg (43290 個位元組) mh9.jpg (54851 個位元組) mh10.jpg (41669 個位元組)
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