Oil Paintings - Portrait of Yourself 

        All picture are genuine hand-painted paintings from our studio.  Click on Images to enhance viewing.

We can paint you, your loved ones or your family just like these paintings. 

Show your love to your loved ones or your family by giving them a surprise gift of their portrait painting, by putting up their portrait oil paintings in your office, your living room, your bedroom. 

You will get excellent quality, genuine hand-painted portrait oil painting by simply sending your photography to us. We will also remove any undesirable items in the picture that you like to remove.  


William Art Co. Hung Kwong Building,12/F , Flat A2, 2A-2P Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


size 30x40cm 40x50cm 50x60cm 60x90cm


por24.jpg (30952 個位元組)

por6.jpg (45640 個位元組)

por5.jpg (35318 個位元組)

por4.jpg (41015 個位元組)


por2.jpg (24404 個位元組)

por8.jpg (30270 個位元組)

por9.jpg (40068 個位元組)

por10.jpg (34665 個位元組)


por25.jpg (21848 個位元組)

por30.jpg (26235 個位元組)

por13.jpg (45773 個位元組)

por29.jpg (14000 個位元組)


por27.jpg (55087 個位元組)

por26.jpg (18947 個位元組)

por17.jpg (43086 個位元組)

por18.jpg (41242 個位元組)



por22.jpg (67534 個位元組)

por21.jpg (45968 個位元組)


Sometimes you find a wonderful picture  and you like to own it. We are here to make this come true. Just take a picture of it and then email or send to us, and we will paint it for you . You will get excellent quality, genuine hand-painted oil painting and enjoy!

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